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Junkers bomber crew

June 28, 2010

The organisers have also been trying to identify the crew of the Junkers in order to let them know that they would be welcome to attend the last rememberance service. There has been no response to approaches to the Gernan military so far. In case anyone can help, these are the only details available:


July 7th 1455    

One single enemy aircraft of the Junkers type, either an 86,  88, or 89, bombed the Camp with 4 220lb. High explosive bombs.  Considerable damage was done to buildings, one Barrack Hut being completely demolished.  All remaining Damaged buildings were repairable.  Casualties of 58th.   L.A.A. Regiment R.A.) 16 killed. 6 died of wounds. 26 wounded. Casualties of A.T.S. personnel 4 wounded.


Messages posted on German Luftwaffe Forum:……

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